I really am trying to get back into the habit of posting on LJ again. [livejournal.com profile] sffan came to visit last weekend, and we were talking about how much we miss the old days when more people posted here. I have to admit that I'm part of the problem, so here I go trying to rectify that. Maybe I'll even work my way back to actual content :) Until then, it's just snippets. Baby steps and all that.

It snowed all day. Again. The worst part was the strong wind. I should say "is" the strong wind; it's still blowing out there and rattling around my corner of the house. Gary the farmer guy came around 10AM to blow out the driveway and the laneway, but I couldn't even move my car for him because it was surrounded by knee-high drifts. There was one little clear portion near my rear wheel, but that wasn't a lot of help. I got it backed up enough to give him room to plow me out, so that saved me an hour's worth of shovelling. Yay, Gary! Unfortunately the blowing snow built up drifts again within a few hours.

[livejournal.com profile] darlong was outside for over four hours in all this crappiness trying to get the doors to the girls' barn unstuck. She was doing other stuff, too, but really - those doors get frozen right into the ground in certain conditions; it takes a long time with much chipping and shovelling and strewing of ice melters to get them free. I'd helped get them unstuck just two days ago, too. This winter can end right now, please.

While Dar was out there doing chores, I was inside making banana bread. We also serve who only stand and bake. Things got very weird at the end of that. The doorbell rang. As I was going to answer it, the timer for the bread went off. Unknown young woman on porch staring in through the door pane; I let her into the hallway and rush back to turn off the timer because it beeps incessantly until it's turned off. Rush back to young woman and the door bell rings again. We look at each other and then out the door pane. No one is there. She says that she's here to pick up "the stuff that her brother ordered." I have no idea what she's talking about, but I figure that it's someone who's ordered an alpaca product from online or at the market. We both see the Alpaca-opoly game leaning up against the wall in the hallway, so I give it to her. "Is this what he ordered?" The door bell rings again. Still no one there that we can see. She says she has no idea what she's here to pick up; her brother just gave her the address. I figure that I need to see if Dar knows what's going on, so I invite girl into the living room while I pull the bread out of the oven and pull on all the blizzard-wear to trek out to the barn. The door bell rings again. She looks at me and says, in a "huh" voice, "The door bell was frozen so I really pushed hard. I think maybe I broke it." Yes. Yes, I'd say that's probably the case. Off I go, plodding through very deep drifts and completely snowblind - I'm just guessing where my feet actually are going. I catch up with Dar; she knows nothing about this, and we realize that the girl most probably needs to pick up her brother's stuff at the mill instead. Back I go, direct very confused girl to the mill (which is right there, right next to the house!) and then back inside to throw the bread back in the oven and listen to the door bell ring over and over and over and … until I finally was able to fix it.

And that was my day. Plus the usual cat wrangling.

the end
I'm kind of scared by our idea of normal, as in "It was a normal day." Because normal around here is probably weird someplace else.

Most of today was spent running interference between the adult female cats and the little girl kittens. It has been a tireless effort on all of our parts to stop the mayhem. This morning I was on my own while Mark and Dar were running errands, and from my room at the other end of the house I heard the cat screeching that means the rumble was on. This time Little Cat had gone after Chloe, and in the tussle Chloe got a puncture in her paw. Baby bloody paw prints :( Aaand blood spatters all over my favorite old shirt when I picked her up to check her out. She was OK, not even a limp. Later it was Pixel's turn to go after Jane. Then just for a change of pace, Little went after Pixel. That was a particularly fun event. Oh, and in between these, Jane ran away. Well, I sort of helped her inadvertently. I'd let her out on the deck to play in the snow. Which she did. Then she came back in for a while. Then I let her out again. Then she came back. Then I let her out again. Then Pixel scared the crap out of her through the glass door, and Jane took off like a shot. Fortunately it was a sunny if very cold day, no snow (yet), so I wasn't too worried. After a few hours, Mark found her hiding out in the rafters of the shed under the deck. And so it goes.

Then tonight, Dar and I saw a UFO flying over the neighborhood. Believe it or not as you will, I take no offense. It's a cloudy, very windy night; we're expecting a major snow and ice storm. I was closing the curtains to the back deck when I saw a very bright light in the sky. We're on no flight path, and helicopters wouldn't be up on a night like this and especially up that high. (Besides, rural Ontario and helicopters, not such a common thing.) It was going way too slow for a plane. I called Dar and asked her to take a look at it, and she joked on her way over, "If it's a UFO, tell it to stop and pick me up." And then it slowed down, and the lights dimmed, and then she saw it just blink out. I didn't see it blink out because my back was turned at that point, but when I spun around, there was only black out there. Dun-dun-dunnnnn!

And now it's 7:38 and I'm ready to call it a night. I have a cold which I'm really hoping is not going to hit my lungs. A stuffy nose is annoying, but I can deal. Anyway, Nighttime Contac for me, and then beddy-bye. We're going to keep the kittens in the guestroom overnight with their own litter box and food and such; that way we won't have to worry about them being stalked and eaten by the big girls. Ah, domestic predators. Every household should have a dozen or so.

And before I go, check out my new icon. It's a special request that I got from [livejournal.com profile] dignity20, and I adore it. Trunk monkey. Heh.

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