I really am trying to get back into the habit of posting on LJ again. [livejournal.com profile] sffan came to visit last weekend, and we were talking about how much we miss the old days when more people posted here. I have to admit that I'm part of the problem, so here I go trying to rectify that. Maybe I'll even work my way back to actual content :) Until then, it's just snippets. Baby steps and all that.

It snowed all day. Again. The worst part was the strong wind. I should say "is" the strong wind; it's still blowing out there and rattling around my corner of the house. Gary the farmer guy came around 10AM to blow out the driveway and the laneway, but I couldn't even move my car for him because it was surrounded by knee-high drifts. There was one little clear portion near my rear wheel, but that wasn't a lot of help. I got it backed up enough to give him room to plow me out, so that saved me an hour's worth of shovelling. Yay, Gary! Unfortunately the blowing snow built up drifts again within a few hours.

[livejournal.com profile] darlong was outside for over four hours in all this crappiness trying to get the doors to the girls' barn unstuck. She was doing other stuff, too, but really - those doors get frozen right into the ground in certain conditions; it takes a long time with much chipping and shovelling and strewing of ice melters to get them free. I'd helped get them unstuck just two days ago, too. This winter can end right now, please.

While Dar was out there doing chores, I was inside making banana bread. We also serve who only stand and bake. Things got very weird at the end of that. The doorbell rang. As I was going to answer it, the timer for the bread went off. Unknown young woman on porch staring in through the door pane; I let her into the hallway and rush back to turn off the timer because it beeps incessantly until it's turned off. Rush back to young woman and the door bell rings again. We look at each other and then out the door pane. No one is there. She says that she's here to pick up "the stuff that her brother ordered." I have no idea what she's talking about, but I figure that it's someone who's ordered an alpaca product from online or at the market. We both see the Alpaca-opoly game leaning up against the wall in the hallway, so I give it to her. "Is this what he ordered?" The door bell rings again. Still no one there that we can see. She says she has no idea what she's here to pick up; her brother just gave her the address. I figure that I need to see if Dar knows what's going on, so I invite girl into the living room while I pull the bread out of the oven and pull on all the blizzard-wear to trek out to the barn. The door bell rings again. She looks at me and says, in a "huh" voice, "The door bell was frozen so I really pushed hard. I think maybe I broke it." Yes. Yes, I'd say that's probably the case. Off I go, plodding through very deep drifts and completely snowblind - I'm just guessing where my feet actually are going. I catch up with Dar; she knows nothing about this, and we realize that the girl most probably needs to pick up her brother's stuff at the mill instead. Back I go, direct very confused girl to the mill (which is right there, right next to the house!) and then back inside to throw the bread back in the oven and listen to the door bell ring over and over and over and … until I finally was able to fix it.

And that was my day. Plus the usual cat wrangling.

the end

Blown snow_0069, originally uploaded by maystone1.

Snow from the laneway in front of the mill being cleared.

One more snow and two cats. )
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We're having our first snowstorm. It's the high winds rather than the amount of snow that's doing everyone in. Lots of accidents, lots of school closings. I? Am avoiding the whole thing by staying firmly entrenched inside. Except for the short sojourn out to run my car for a little bit. Bleh, winter.
1. Misadventures from yesterday: 2.45 hour round trip to drop off Mark in yesterday;s storm. Much sitting in traffic both to and fro. The point was to borrow the car so I could make my first group therapy session. Depression! Anxiety!!! Come, we will help you cope. Except I got stuck in the driveway (thank Maude for 4WD); got out, made it to the end of the street and turned around because nothing had been plowed, it was snowing like a bitch and I? Am snow blind. Couldn't seen where the road ended and the very big ditches began. Came home, wrestled with snow blower for over an hour. High winds, heavy snow = snow blower not really blowing. Sucking but not blowing. And when it did blow, the wind made sure that it blew back on me. Not good for asthmatics to keep getting face covered by very cold, very wet snow. With ice crystals. Finally finished that, went back inside to get changed to pick up Mark. The rapid change in temperature set off some bronchial spasms, so I had to take some ventilin and wait for my lungs to calm down. Wait, wait, wait. I was able to leave at 5 just in time to get stuck in another massive frakking traffic jam. Crawled along to the next exit, figuring it had to be better on the city streets. Figured wrong. Wrongwrongwrongwrong. Oh so wrong. Slipping, sliding, doing some fancy wheel work to avoid cars trying to tag me. Took me 90 minutes for what should have been 45-50. Had to stop to get feed for the critters, but at least the highways had cleared some. Snow, snow, snow all the way home. I was glad that Mark was driving now, because I had serious problems seeing through all of that. We got home going on 8PM.

2. Woke up at 1:01AM, and never really fully fell asleep again. Plus my arm and my back and pretty much all of my joints were not good after the snow blowing episode. I had to physically lift and push the snow blower any number of times, and I'm just not as strong and/or agile as I used to be.

3. Got reprieved from taking the car again today. Mark went in late and first drove Dar around town on some errands. Took a Tylenol 3 (codeine, babies), and at least the joint pain subsided. Never did get fully to sleep that time, either.

4. Futzed around online. Composed that "25 Random things about me" meme on FaceBook - whereupon it promptly blew up and disappeard when I went to post it. Fuck. You. Face. Book.

5. When it came time to kick the cats out of my room, I'd found that Lexy had scrunched herself into a small box I was saving to send some Christmas presents to my brother. (Yeah, we still have stuff to mail.) Anyway, I had to pick the box up and shake it upside down over my bed to get her out of it. She really, really, really, really loves it in that box.

6. Chloe has discovered how to turn on the autovac unit in the kitchen. I heard a loud whirring noise; when I went to investigate, there's Chloe sticking her paw in the vent and pulling it out; sticking it in, pulling it out with the greatest look of kitteh joy on her face. She loves that vacuum suction.

7. Have to take the car tomorrow to take Dar's brother, Con, to a walk-in clinic tomorrow. Please. Let it stop snowing, OK?

8. LOST rules!
Yeah. SNOW. We got some last night. Even though our local weather page kept insisting we were going to get less than 0.04 inches, we got about 10 times that. We lucked out compared to areas to our south and to our north, because they got between 6 and 8 inches plus occasional white-out conditions. It's only October, people. We haven't even had Halloween yet. Sigh.

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The reason I was out in said snow was because I had to take my car in for an oil change and a radiator flush. Oh, that it were that simple. In the words of my late, beloved Capt. Mal: "It never goes smooth. Why don't it ever go smooth?" The mechanic lifted it up on the hoist and then came out to get me saying, "Uh, you know you have some major problems with your car, right?" Oh, words you never want to hear your mechanic say. He showed me that I had a busted wheel bearing, a disconnected exhaust pipe, bald tires right down to the steel, and a decaying oil pan. They said I shouldn't even be driving it. Oy.

I trust these guys. The owner is the brother-in-law of one of our alpaca friends, and he's always been a straight-up guy with us. So he totaled up everything that has to be done - this is after him calling around for best prices - and it's going to be about $1000. We also had him tow our van in yesterday to take a look at that and see what it will take to make that road worthy and able to pass a safety inspection given that it's over 10 years old. So now we have to wait for him to get back to us on that, and whichever is going to drain our bank account least is the one we'll go with. It never snows but it pours.
We're expecting snow showers tonight.

Hey, [livejournal.com profile] finitejester37 - maybe they'll make their way to you. Don't give up hope, you little freak, you :)
Frodo returns!

We got some of that snow that hit New England, but ours only amounted to about two inches. I didn't get to take any pictures during the day, so I went out with camera and flash at night. Two small pics:

Autumn leaves and a few sparkles )
I have quite suddenly contracted some sort of stomach/intestinal virus. This having no working immune system is just one laugh after another. Hopefully it's in and out of here in short order.

Most of the day was me and my trusty Mazda zipping around the area. I drove Maddie and her friends to meet up with her dad, who was then going to drive them to Detroit where they'd catch the train to Chicago. Or something like that. We got about half way there when one of the girls realized that she'd left her passport back at the house. Nothing for it but to turn around and retrieve it. She felt very embarrassed, so I wasn't going to get pissed at her or anything, but I wish she'd double-checked before we piled into the car because that added an hour to my drive time right there.

Then it was on to Starbucks to recharge (driving can really be very fatiguing for me nowadays), the pet store for food for the babies, and then the dreaded Wal-Mart. Everything took for-freakin'-ever, too. The Starbucks is attached to a Chapters bookstore, so while I was there I was checking out the digital photography books; I'd really like to pursue this hobby in a more professional way which means really doing some homework. I found a couple good reference books, but they literally cost twice the US price. That's just insane, and I refuse to pay those prices now that the Canadian dollar and the US dollar are on par. I'll order them online from the States instead.

We got about a foot of snow out of our last storm, which ended late in the day on New Years. This morning I had my first moment of seasonal panic as my car got stuck for a bit in the driveway while I was trying to pull out. Luckily I was able to drive it out without having to push, shovel, or do an incredible amount of swearing, but really . . . I'm just not looking forward to another three months of this crap. Our neighbor plow guy showed up after dark to plow out the driveway, so hopefully it'll be easier getting in and out tomorrow. Until the next storm, of course. Heat lamps! I want a row of huge, honkin' heat lamps lining that driveway! Is that so much to ask?

I don't think I have any major running around to do tomorrow, so I'm hoping to make it out back to play with the alpacas and get to re-introduce myself to poor Jester. I feel bad for him all alone out there. I mean not that there's much that I can do about it, I know, but I wish I could let him know that it's just temporary and Dar's working on getting him in with some other horses soon. Poor guy.

Pixel is feeling a bit better, thankfully. She did two things today that she hasn't done for about a week now: scarf down some cat treats and chase Jane under the storage chest :) She's still all snuffly, and she still sleeps more than usual, but I think she's on the mend at last.

I think that Jane is definitely going to Bill's house to live. We have to get her fixed first, and I think that will be happening within the next week or two. We all love her to death, and we're going to miss her very much, but this will be the best thing for her. But only because Little Cat hates her, otherwise she'd be happiest here with all of us and her sister, Chloe. Can you tell that I'm going to have separation issues? Heh.

[livejournal.com profile] sparky77 will be bringing her kitty Lexy up here this weekend prior to moving in herself at the end of the month. At which point she'll be bringing her second cat, and at that point I will have formally lost track of the number of felines we have here :) We are the Crazy Cat People! You gotta love it.

Urgh. I need some Pepto Bismol, I think. Maybe some Gravol. And why do all those stomach meds end in -ol anyway?
So. How was the weather at your place? )

I'll post something substantive tomorrow. (I hope.) Lots of alpaca news, some takes on the new TV season, and probably some politics.

OK, because I need to wipe the snow out of my memory . . .

Let sleeping Pixels lie. )

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