Samson_0018, originally uploaded by maystone1.

Who's a pretty boy?

Samson is. That's who. )

Samson Arizona_0810, originally uploaded by maystone1.

Samson took a liking to this little suri girl named Arizona. She seemed to like him, too. The flirting went on all weekend. Love in the show ring!

Best in Show for suris )

Latisse Samson Lyndon_0802, originally uploaded by maystone1.

Today and tomorrow we'll be at the Alpaca Ontario Full Fleece Halter Show. From left to right are Latisse, Samson, and Lyndon in their pen.

But the big news is that Samson took First Place in his class! )

Iris rain_0595, originally uploaded by maystone1.

It's probably only me, but this iris is reminiscent of a squid. I think it's all the contours. I like this pic because of all of the textures.

Three different things. )

Samson_0469, originally uploaded by maystone1.

The boy looking all googly-eyed at the camera. Isn't he lovely?

BFFs forevuh! )

Samson Delilah funny_0467, originally uploaded by maystone1.

I was so intent on catching Samson and his mom while they were still, that I didn't really notice the position of Chilly in the background. It looks as if Delilah is balancing a mini alpaca on her back :)

Can't sleep. Body is way too wired to calm down now, and when I do lie down I get hit with waves of nausea. I'll try again in a bit.

So, the new boy cria. We'd named him Samson, but it's not really working for him. I hereby propose The Big Lebowski, and we can call him The Dude. And for our advertising campaign when he's old enough to hire out as a stud: The Dude Abides . . . at Serenity Suris. Or maybe just cut out the middle thing and name him The Dude right off. I like it.

Samson herd_0360, originally uploaded by maystone1.

This is Samson, born around 7:15AM. Dar and Deb found Delilah just starting to give birth - all that was showing was his nose and toes. Textbook birth, and he's strong, healthy, and huge. And black and white! He's just beautiful.

That's his mom to his right, and that's Willow cushed next to him. She's almost four months old, and he's only about three hours old; he's huge!

Samson Hailey_0362

He's got a coat on because it's freezing out there with very strong winds. That's Hailey next to him; she's three weeks old now, and he's the same size.

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