I was getting ready for bed, just checking LJ, and suddenly the Post an Entry popped up. Weird. OK, I'll give. Just a short one, though. Maybe with numbers.

1. Definitely with numbers.

2. I've been waiting to post something good, because I don't want to come on here just to post rants. Still waiting :)

3. Wait! I heard from Immigration. Or Dar did because I was out running errands when they called. They said that my application is in process. That's it. It's been 18 months since I sent my latest application in - you might remember that someone from Immigration had called to tell me that I was here illegally and had to start again (headdesk x 1000) - and all I get is "in process." Dar said that they probably really called to see if 1) I were still alive and 2) if so, if I had given up and gone back to the States. So, I don't know. I'm taking it as good news.

4. Many baby alpacas born. Two of them were miracle babies. One other died, and it broke our hearts. Two, possibly three, left to go. One, possibly two, will be born tomorrow because they were medically induced today. It's been a very weird year for everyone and their alpacas. We all suspect it's due to the extremely long, hot summer.

5. We've been in coat and jacket weather for a few weeks now. I really hope we're not going to jump from summer into winter over the course of a month.

6. I've discovered that I'm a very good salesperson for our alpaca products (yarn, hats, scarves, mittens, lots of kits). It turns out that I enjoy talking about alpacas. Who knew? Heh. Plus it just supports my belief that most people are pretty nice. I've had the two top sales days at our booth at the farmers market. But then I've also had a day when I've only made three sales. Now that the weather is cooler, more people are thinking about warm clothing and/or knitting. We fit that bill nicely.

7. Dar has become a master of the dye pot. I'm dead serious. She's developed a way to get various shades (depths?) of the same color on a skein of yarn. It's a beautiful effect. And her variegated dyed yarns are luscious. We have the dyed yarns right on the end of our shop that's nearest to the corridor, and they pull people into the shop like a giant magnet.

8. Considering that I work (volunteer) at a television review site, I actually don't watch much TV. If it weren't for AMC and HBO, I'd probably just tune in to the MSNBC political news at night. And Up With Chris Hayes on weekend mornings.

9. Pixel is getting very round. She looks like a Kliban cat. She's still my baby girl.

10. Now I'm going to bed. Night-night, guys.

I'll save the not-so-good stuff for another day. Aren't you the lucky ones :)

Jaguar_0293, originally uploaded by maystone1.

Dar's son just bought an old Jaguar. I'd have bought it just for the hood ornament.

Overly aggressive bird and very interested cat. )

Pixel2_0174, originally uploaded by maystone1.

Pixel want to show you our tree, because she's thinking it might be coming down tomorrow.

Pix face close_0783, originally uploaded by maystone1.

My pretty girl. Asleep again. Still.

But she still looks goofy as hell at times )

It's a good thing that she doesn't realize that I post these. I'd be in biiiiiig trouble.

Pixel Side_0728, originally uploaded by maystone1.

She sleeps the sleep of the not-so-innocent.

While she was sleeping. )
This cold spell has to break. We're around 0F/-17C right now, but that's not factoring in the very strong arctic winds that are making those temps plummet when it touches your skin. And of course, it's just going to get colder as the night wears on. So far so good with the alpacas; they need to hold it together for another few days, and then we're supposed to be warming up. Still below freezing and still with strong north winds, but it's got to be better than this.

No word yet on a surgery date for Dar.

I started counseling today after several false starts. (I don't have a scheduled life; things change frequently and randomly.) I like her, and I think that we can work together. Had one "Aha!" moment toward the end of the session. I love those.

No pictures from me in a while, I know. My hands are in bad shape lately; I'm hoping that as the fierce cold departs, so will the pain and stiffness and cramping.

Does anyone else hate having long fingernails? I can't stand it. Mine have just popped up above the skin line, and they're making me crazy. As soon as I sign off here I will be chopping them back.

Pixel is asleep on my cell phone; it's right under her butt. If I get a call, it's set to both ring and buzz (because I have no idea at all how to change any of the settings.) I thought very very briefly about calling my phone just to see her reaction, but that would mean. Funny, but mean. And I love my kitty too much to be mean to her. But my phone number is 912-555-0303 if anyone wants to give it a try. Kidding!

Stay warm, my lovelies.

Pixel basket_0561, originally uploaded by maystone1.

Wherever she hangs her butt is home. Dar had the impudence to actually put some fruit in her usual bed (the fruit bowl in back), so she commandeered the little baskets that we keep fleece samples in.

And a few alpacas just hanging out. )

Pixel box_0185, originally uploaded by maystone1.

Why that would be Pixel. It's a box that a floor fan came in, so it's deep and narrow and very snuggly.

Is it just me? )

Pixel_0762, originally uploaded by maystone1.

She's so my girl.

It is freakin' hot. It was 32C/91F here today, and we're just not ready for that. At least there was a little breeze. Considering that the last two Victoria Day weekends involved wearing winter gear, this has been a bit of a change. I finally took the hint and packed away my winter clothing and dug out my warm/hot weather stuff.

I'm so tired, guys. It seems as if I've been going constantly for the past month. Just a few more days, and then I hope that next week is calm enough that I can take some down time. We have two more crias due, but neither one of them seems all that intent on making an appearance. Given the heat, I don't really blame the little guys. It's supposed to break tomorrow and become more seasonal - mid teensC/mid 70sF. Moderation!

Tomorrow I finally get the results from those neuropsych tests that I took a month ago. I'm really interested in what they'll be, especially those square peg/round hole portions. I'm betting that I set a new record for failure, and that will just tickle me. It can sometimes be frustrating not to be able to make those connections, but mostly it makes me laugh.

It's still hot and humid in my bedroom, even with four windows open. Pixel is asleep on my cedar chest with her head leaning up against the screen. Poor little girl. At least I'm not wearing a fur coat.

I'm getting the urge to chop all my hair off again. It does look thicker at this length, but it's so hot. It does serve as a neck protector when I'm out in the sun, which is something I should keep in mind but again . . . hot. And yet it's not long enough for me to pin up or put in a pony tail when I'm inside. It's a trial, I tell you.

OK, I have to go gather all of my morning pills together so I can bound out the door bright and early tomorrow. Ciao, bambini. I hope you're all cool and comfy this sultry night.

Pixel_0247, originally uploaded by maystone1.

She got into the recycling bag.

Pixel_0486, originally uploaded by maystone1.

Pixel_0072, originally uploaded by maystone1.

Pixel loves the faucet. She doesn't quite grasp the function, but she loves it.

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