I guess the economy can't be universally bad - check out how much stuff went for at an auction of Lost props. I'm not any kind of collector of anything, but even I wouldn't have minded having a few of those things. And I somehow suspect that [livejournal.com profile] sparky77 is the now the proud owner of either Sawyer's make-shift eyeglasses or his copy of Watership Down :)

Also check out what other famous props and set pieces have been auctioned off. Crazy, guys.
1. The new cria is nursing on his own as of late this afternoon. Dar has been out there feeding him every few hours since yesterday morning, because he just couldn't get the hang of it. They require sunlight (or strong direct light) to help them pinpoint where the milk bar is, and it's been gray and rainy since his birth. Late this afternoon the sun came out and voila!

2. We had the winter coats out again. I think the worst is over, but everyone has been remarking on how winter had made a comeback. We have our big shearing weekend in another ten days, and it would be nice if the denuded alpacas didn't freeze to death. Just sayin'.

3. I won't spoil anyone, and I'll try to expand on it later, but I was pleased overall with last night's Lost. "Every answer leads to another question," indeed. Still, it validated my beliefs about both Jacob and MIB, so I'm pretty happy about that.

4. There's a drifting satellite that may disrupt US cable service on or about May 23. This had better not interfere with the Lost finale. There would be world-wide hysteria, led by me. (Although, it would be kind of fitting given the subject matter.)

5. I cut my bangs this evening and actually stuck one of the blades in my eye. Happily it was the more blunt blade. I need a keeper. Or at least a hairdresser.
Lost theories )

Back to dinner.
I'm trying to get dinner ready, so this is in between checking on things.

Spoilers up until tonight, eh )
I saw the early feed of Lost.

Do not miss this episode.

Do. Not.
I've had a sudden onset of chills and stomach pains. (I'm wrapped in blankets, and I took some Pepto Bismol.)

The Rocky cat threw up all my bedroom and the hallway. (I cleaned it up.)

The very good news? All of this happened before Lost comes on.

That is all.

There's a retrospective on now, then the season continues, 9-11PM.

It was warm! Not a lot of sunshine, but it was warm. Yay! Dar and I had to go into Kitchener this morning, and because of the huge snow pack and the warming temperature there was a heavy fog for most of the journey. I've driven that route so often during the past two years that I tell myself I could do it blindfolded. Today I almost got to put that to the test. There were some parts of the route where the visibility was down to a few feet. Wild. Fortunately it all cleared up by the time we made the return trip.

We (but mostly Dar) spent a lot of time out at the barn keeping an eye on Satine. I know, I know. But really, this is most probably the possible weekend when maybe she'll have that cria. Honest! Her whole body shape changed over the course of the day; where yesterday she was mostly all belly and hollowed out around the hips, today she became more evened out as the cria (apparently) moved into the birth canal. For an added proof, Dar saw the cria kicking at Satine's butt :) The baby is in position, folks. Her vulva is also extended and opening. (And I wonder how many hits this post will get by the prurient googler?) She's an eating machine and pissy as hell at everyone around her. I mean all the signs are there, and she has to give birth at some point,right? Why not now during a warm break?

I shoveled out some of the deck right off the kitchen so that the Jane kitty go outside for a bit. She loved it. The girl does enjoy her fresh air, and it must be a relief not to always be on the lookout for some bigger cat pouncing on her. I had her out a couple of times during the day, and she always came back of her accord. We're not going to have to worry about her wandering away once she becomes a permanent outdoor cat. Chloe wanted to go outside, too, but since she's in heat again that would be a big no. They'll both be getting fixed soon enough, and then they can come and go as they please.

But enough about animals, on to the important stuff:

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I'm supposed to be reworking my resumé, but it's going to have to be in a completely new format combining functional and chronological, and I have to research that and make some lists of skills in past jobs and then do a template for the new resumé - and I'm tired just thinking about it. So I'll play here instead.

Lost is losing me )

But enough with the bitching. Switching gears for a bit. The Book of Job. Great story, wonderful read. It's not quite what you think it is if you haven't actually read it. Job is, counter to popular mythology, not all that patient. Throughout the book he stubbornly insists that Jehovah owes him a big-time explanation for all of the disasters that have befallen him. Over and over - I want Jehovah to tell me why. I'm gonna sit here until he shows up and explains himself, because damn it, I didn't deserve this. He better show up, is all I'm saying. He'd better . . . and Jehovah shows up. Out of a whirlwind.


And then follows some of the most beautiful poetry of the Bible, as Jehovah pretty much slaps Job down with a "who the hell are you, puny man?" attitude. It starts off with Jehovah asking, "Where were you when I laid the foundations of the universe?" And I gotta admit, if I were Job I would have answered -

Who me? I was with Titus Pullo. )

And now, my stupid resumé awaits.


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