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I saw my Janie Poo at the shearing today! She remembered my voice and came running over when I called her. There was much petting and cuddling but unfortunately not much picture taking. Most of the time she was meowing for me to pet her tummy or pick her up, so that didn't leave a lot of opportunity to use my camera. She looks great! No Chloe to be found, which was sad. I hear that she sleeps the morning away, and by the afternoon there was way too much going on for her to venture close if she were up. Next time I go over there, it will be less hectic, and I hope to get better pictures.

Cat tongue! )
Today is being billed as "Day without Cats on the Internet." My kitties disagree. They begged for some catnip and then got very adorable so I could post their pics.

Because cats don't give in to demands, eh. )
We hung around the barn and the back yard while the people were viewing the house. I brought my camera with me, which means four-legged-critter pics )
Janie Poo and her snaggle tooth )

She's become my constant companion, which is very sweet most of the time and a tad annoying at others. I love her like all get-out, though.

So I slept for about 80 minutes, and that appears to be all for this evening.

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Our little tough girl, Jane, is also our biggest snow cat. She loves the stuff.

And I'm not the only one who missed Dar )
Invited: [livejournal.com profile] finitejester37 (and her knitting) made it here in good time and in good health yesterday around 6:30PM. Yay! Really, she's a fabulous knitter. She's doing something now on 3 fine gage needles in a triangle that's kind of blowing my mind. We introduced her to our yarn-on-the-hoof herd last night when Hannibal got to get his herdsire on by breeding with two of our friend's open girl alpacas. Now Jes has been initiated into the select group of people who have heard orgling first hand. Truly it is a sound that is impossible to describe but unforgettable once you've heard it. She also hand fed the rest of the herd, and even the notoriously skittish Satine ate some grain from her palm Go, Jes :)

The uninvited: Holmes the giant orange cat brought me a dead giant gray rat for breakfast. No, really, you shouldn't have. Really. Then while Dar and I were out, Pixel apparently brought home a live mouse. Maddie escorted said mousie to safety. I was just saying that I need to buy myself some rodent-flinging gloves. I'm using either disposable rubber gloves or my paddock work gloves (depending on how gross the rodent is that needs to get flung), but I think I should have a dedicated pair that I can wash out with hot water.

Pixel was licking my face and giving me her kitty kisses when I got back from running errands, and I started thinking, "Mouse lips. I'm getting kissed by mouse lips." Heh. And ugh.

In other news, the nephrologist moved up my appointment to 8:30AM tomorrow morning. That's going to be a hassle to make given the 35 minute drive and the early hour and the feeding the alpacas that has to be done first (by Dar, I should clarify), but I just can't wait until next week to get the results from that biopsy. I was telling Dar that my results could range anywhere from "Sorry, it was a botched biopsy and nothing is resolved." up to "So. Do you have a favorite undertaker?" Hee. I doubt it will be either one of those, but please, please, please, let it be something definitive.

Oh, and speaking of health stuff, Q got herself stepped on by Jester the horse. Yeah, it's in the passive case because she says she was fooling around with him and it was partly her fault. But still . . . big honkin' Owww. Her foot isn't broken, but it is painful and bruised and all wrapped up in an ace bandage, and I'm sure she'll tell you all about it. See? This is why I remain courteous but businesslike when I deal with Jester who, yes, has been nicknamed Bad Horse now. (Dar says she greets him every morning nowadays by calling out "How's my Stallion of Sin?" and she wonders what the neighbors must be thinking. Bwah!)

Chloe (14 months old) is curled up asleep against Rocky, our older, neurotic, "I want to be alone" cat. He clearly doesn't know what to think about this, and spent many minutes just staring down at her before he just now slowly backed up and sprawled a few inches away. But she just moved, and now she's sleeping up against his butt. Cute! Chloe and her sister Jane love Rocky to death. Love, love, love. They're slowly wearing down his defenses - at least where they're concerned. Woe to any other cat that tries to get that friendly. I actually caught him lightly grooming Jane's head yesterday, but then he saw me looking and stopped. Awww, Rocky, you're just a big softie.

Here's a gratuitous pic of Jane looking a lot tougher than she really is. )
Thank you for all of the wonderful birthday wishes. It made me blub a little bit, I have to admit. The day itself was not much in the way of birthday celebrating. That abscessed tooth of Dar's went really septic and spread to her ear. We spent yesterday trying to get it seen to at the oral surgeon's office, but after trying unsuccessfully to take care of it he said that nothing could be done until the infection was cleaned up. She's on massive antibiotics, and he's going to try again next Tuesday. Poor wifey is in a great deal of pain both from the abscess and from the side effects of the meds. Good vibes going Dar's way would be greatly appreciated.

I got a call from the nephrologist this morning. She had a sudden cancellation and wanted to know if I could make it in at 11AM. I could! I did! I really like her on both a professional and personal level, and I'm very glad that my rheumy referred me to her.

OK, the upshot is that she has no idea what's wrong with my kidneys. Hey, why should she be any different, right? There's definitely something wrong, but there's no clue as to what is causing it. So she's going to do a kidney biopsy in hopes that it will give us some kind of definite answer and a direction. She spent a good 10 minutes going over everything that could go wrong, but really . . . I want this done. I'm so tired of not having something known that I'm getting desperate for answers. There's a 50/50 chance that the biopsy will come back normal, but I'm willing to do this anyway. I don't have a definite date; her secretary will call back tomorrow I think. It should be within the next two weeks, and I'll have the report about six weeks after that.

The procedure itself is scheduled as day surgery and takes about 45 minutes. If everything goes well, they'll keep me about six hours after that just to keep an eye on me, then send me home. I'll have to go back in the next morning for an ultrasound to check for bleeding. If something goes wrong during the biopsy, I'll be in overnight.

The good news is that while my kidneys are functioning at about 60-65%, they've stabilized at that point. There's no further deterioration. Yay!

The kitten we call Jane (Dar sings that to her every morning *g*) is much improved, too. We took off her final fentanyl patch this morning, and she is one happy kitty not to have her hind leg all bandaged up. Her tongue is mostly healed and her jaw is coming along well, too. She's still not as bouncy as she used to be, but she's getting there. I took a deep breath later this afternoon and let her go outside with Chloe and Mao. She was thrilled, and she and Chloe romped around for a while. The new rule is that the cats can outside from mid-morning until late afternoon. I don't know that they necessarily grasp the time difference, but it makes their humans feel a little better.

And that's about it. We're hoping to have a quiet day tomorrow for a change. No running around, no doctors appointments. I think the weather is going to co-operate, too. I hope Dar is feeling a bit better by then, because that would be the icing on the cake.
1. Jane went in for surgery today. The vet put her under, took full-body x-rays which showed no fractures other than her jaw. Tried to repair the jaw, but it would have only make it worse to put a wire in, so withdrew the wire. It's a little wobbly but is already healing on its own, so she decided it was best to leave it alone after all. Jane's tongue is healing on its own, which is rather miraculous. No need for stitches there, then. The vet felt terrible for putting her through all of that and then basically doing nothing constructive. But she had to try to see if it would work, and we we understand. Jane is home with a fentanyl patch on her leg and stoned out of her mind. Hyper stoned. Joy.

2. I heard from the nephrologist this afternoon. I'm assuming that she just got my blood work results because she made an appointment for next week. I take it the news is not . . . neutral. Still, I'm glad to be going down another path towards an answer.

3. I looked up the neurologist that Dr. Pope wants me to see. She specializes in neuroimmunology or the intersection of neurology and autoimmune disease. Just the perfect person to help find a diagnosis. It makes me sad that I probably won't get in to see her.

4. Dar was sick with a trigeminal headache. Q had an infection on her leg drained this morning. They're both over at Deb's farm helping with yet another hypothermic newborn cria. The vet is there, too. I have no idea when they'll be back. I didn't even know they were going. I was out the door to pick up Jane when the phone rang; got the phone, told Deb to call a vet and that Dar was sick. Handed the phone to Dar.

5. I don't know what to think about the winner of American Idol.

6. If those fucking cats don't stop fighting I'm going to throw them all fucking outside to the fucking coyotes.

7. I'm not in the best of moods.
I wrote this last night, but I couldn't get the damn thing to post. So instead of rewriting I just saved the draft and am reposting this morning.

[livejournal.com profile] llaras had asked how Jane was doing, and I realized that I haven't let you guys know how she's doing. Physically she's still looking ragged. The swelling from the initial injuries has gone down and left us with a clearer picture. Part of her bottom lip is hanging loose, her little face is off center because of the fractured jaw, there's definitely hip involvement that still bothers her, but the worst is that her tongue was nearly completely severed. Piera the Vet said it was 75% detached. Janie. Baby! She's on antibiotics and pain meds; we're feeding her nutrient dense food so she's gained some of her weight back, plus she's getting steroids which are also making her fill out. Her mood is good albeit frequently stoned. She has another vet appointment on Tuesday for a pre-op exam, and then if Piera is convinced taht she's strong enough for the surgery, she'll schedule Jane to repair her tongue and her jaw. At least. So the poor kitty girl still has a load of crap to go through, but we're confident that she'll pull through.

I'm intensely happy with the outcome on ANTM. Not so happy with Survivor, but then I wasn;t that emotionally involved in that one. Lost had me on the edge of my bed tonight, and I'm drooling over the prospect of watching BSG tomorrow. There was a moment at te doctor's appointment yesterday when I thought that they might admit me, and my biggest fear was that would mean missing Lost and BSG. Because they're that good.

Now on to the medical stuff. )

Really gotta go. Sleepy, sloppy finguers here. I love you guys. Thanks for being in my corner, eh.
Dar and Q brought Jane home from the vet late this evening. They said Jane practically leaped into their arms when the door to her cage was opened. She's beat up for sure, but she's ecstatic to be home, and we're downright giddy to have her here again.

Janie's homecoming )
Dar talked with the vet a few minutes ago, and Jane is much improved. Huge sigh of relief :) She sat up, she ate, she peed, she very much wants that IV out of her arm, and best of all - she rolled over on her back and wanted her tummy rubbed. Vintage Janie!

It's definitely an animal attack of some kind, and we're still going with a coyote as a culprit. Poor Jane. Even indoors she was the one that the other cats would harass; it makes sense that of the two of them (Chloe and Jane) it would be Jane that a predator would go after. She just radiates an aura of vulnerability, poor girl.

So we may be able to bring her home tonight, depending on whether or not she keeps improving at this rate. Even the vet agreed that it would be better for her at home where she'll get attention 24/7 than being kept at the clinic where someone will pop in every four hours or so over the weekend to give her more meds.

We'll switch her care over to our normal cat vet next week, too. Piera (our kitty doctor) knows us, knows Jane, and more importantly knows that Dar is more than qualified to do all of Jane's meds. The vet where Jane is now was hesitant to have Dar administer antibiotic shots. Silly vet.

And that's the good news. Yay!
First thank you all so much for the support and good wishes for poor Janie. It can only help, and we love you all for it.

1. Dar and Q and I were talking about what really might have happened, and Q and I think Dar had the right of it when she said she thought that Jane had been attacked by a coyote. I didn't realize that Jane had a puncture wound on her jugular. It's highly unlikely that she'd get that from a car's impact. And we have coyotes up the wazoo around here. We just thought that with all the rabbits and foxes and other smaller prey more readily available and farther away from people that the cats would be safe. Guess not.

2. Dar talked with the vet at about 6PM. She said that Jane had managed to turn herself around in her cage, so that shows that she's able to move at her own volition. Her pupils were somewhat reactive to light, and her lungs sound good. They upped her pain meds (thank Ceiling Cat), and the vet is cautiously optimistic that she's improving. We still have to wait until she's much more stable before she can be examined in any effective way.

3. There's no vet on site throughout the overnight, but someone will be coming in twice between night and when the clinic opens tomorrow to check on her and give her more pain meds. We just have to hope that nothing goes horribly wrong while no one is there.

4. If she stabilizes, we'll bring her home as soon as we can and care for her here. We'll have to ship Little Cat off somewhere in order to do that, though. We'll worry about that if and when it happens.

5. Thank you all again! To know Jane is to lover her - just ask anyone who's met her. And I hope that you each get that chance for yourselves.


8 May 2008 14:28
Jane was hit by a car this morning. We think it was a car; we didn't see it happen. She's at the vet's on IV and pain meds; it's a wait-and-see-situation. She has a head injury, and her bottom jaw is fractured down the center. We don't know yet if there are internal injuries or brain damage. Right now the goal is to get her stabilized. The vet said when we brought her in that on a scale of 1-10, her injuries were 7.5, and she had a 50-50 chance of recovery. Dar and I just went back to see her about an hour ago, and she was able to lift her head, and she tried crawling towards me which . . . broke my heart. The vet said that both of those were positive signs, but we'll have a clearer idea of everything tomorrow afternoon.

I knew something was wrong. I knew it. She's always with Chloe waiting on the porch for me to feed them first thing in the morning. Chloe was there, but no Jane. I brought their food out, and I called and called, but no Jane. I was still in my pajamas. I got dressed, and Dar and I were going to head out to look for her when the doorbell rang. And I just knew. Our neighbor Carol was holding Jane, said she saw her lying in the ditch unmoving. So we rushed her to the vet.

And that's about all I can write for now. I'll let you guys know when we learn more.
Chloe had her surgery today, and she's doing well. The doctor did a spay job and also removed a hernia in her stomach. I had been worried that she was going to find a tumor because during the last exam she said that Chloe's stomach was so hard that it was difficult to palpate the other organs in the area. Well, there was no tumor, but apparently there was a lot of fat. Sigh. She's just gonna be a big cat, I guess. At least she's healthy :)

Both Chloe and Jane are in my room for the night. They normally sleep in the guest room, but since we have an actual guest (everyone wave to [livejournal.com profile] cajoje!), we needed to find another safe place for them to sleep while Little Cat gets out to roam around the house. We sometimes put them in the laundry room overnight, and they don't mind it, but Chloe just had surgery, and everything that she can sleep on is a high jump for her . . . so they're both here on my bed. I don't anticipate getting loads of sleep, but I don't think I'd have had much even if they weren't here. I'm very warm, almost clammy, and I've had wicked bouts of nausea all day. It's just going to be one of those nights, I think. I might as well have some kittens to pass the time with.

Well, they're both snoozing, so I should try to join them. We wish you all a good night.
Sunday was bad as Saturday was good. I paid big time for my fun in the sun. Today was somewhat better, but I was fighting killer fatigue all day, and occasionally it did manage to knock me over. In between, though, I did my daily run to the grocery store (it's become a running joke with Dar and me), and then later Q drove Jane and me to Jane's vet appt. to get her stitches removed. She came through with flying colors, the doctors adored her (but of course) and pronounced her a fully healthy kitty. Yay!

Tomorrow is Chloe's turn to go under the knife. I had no qualms about Jane's surgery, but I'm worried about little Chloe kitty. She was born with a stomach hernia, and that's going to be removed along with everything else that they need to take. But when Piera gave her her exam last month, she kept exclaiming about how hard Chloe's stomach was, how it was impossible to get a good feel for her internal organs. I'm worried that she has a big tumor or an obstruction or some alien seed pollinating in there. Chloe :( Good thoughts for the baby girl, please.

Tomorrow also brings the arrival of [livejournal.com profile] cajoje. Tobes in the house! I think Q is picking her up at the airport, so I can pick up Chloe from her surgery in the afternoon.

I didn't make it out to see the alpacas at all today, but I hear that Satine still has her legs crossed and her vagina cemented shut. Satine, honey - time is getting short. Just push, OK? Dar spends all of her day out there with them now that the weather has turned more tolerable. The high winds that we've been having, although wreaking havoc with the nerves on my face, have been great for drying up the mud that is everywhere on our property. I can't wait to take another walk all the way out back and see how the far fields came through the winter. But mostly I want to clean out under the deck and make it kitten homey and comfy for Chloe and Jane. They'll have to wait a bit for Chloe's stitches to heal, but they're making daily forays outside now. I want to everything ready for them for next week when they become permanent outdoor cats. I'm missing them already.

I need to get some sleep. Chloe goes into the vet at 8:30AM, and I think it's going to be a busy day all around tomorrow. I hope y'all are having a good evening.
Jane went in to be spayed this morning, and we picked her up at 4PM and brought her home. She is one very stoned kitty, but she seems to be fine. We're supposed to be keeping her quiet. Yeah, right. She and Chloe are bouncing off the walls as I type this. She did get some down time, but Chloe really wanted to be with her, so I just put the two of them together for the night. I'd better not see any loose stitches in the morning. I made an appointment for Chloe for next Monday, and then that's it - no more cats in heat. Yay!

The temps finally went up. Hallelujah! There was also some drizzle, some downpours and lots of thick, thick fog due to all that evaporating snow. Not that it's all gone by any means. Dar was checking out the paddock with her handy binoculars when she saw a wolf running across the back of our property. Wolf! So we took off to track where he's coming and going from. In some spots out in back we were still sinking in snow over our knees. It's going to be a while before all of that white stuff is gone.

I took some pictures of the wolf tracks, but they didn't come out that well thanks to the fog and the snow. He's a big guy, that's for sure. We've seen tracks before, and the funny thing is that they always go in just one direction. It's not like he's going back and forth, it's more like he's making a loop around a large area and our property is just one leg of that journey. At least he's keeping away from the paddocks.

Q and I both had to go into Kitchener after picking up Jane from the vet in order to pick up Mark at the garage. He'd originally had the Jeep towed to the dealership last night. Today they told him it was going to cost over $700 to repair a water hose and serpentine belt. Uh, no. I called the garage where I usually take my Mazda, and they gave me a quote for less than half that, so we had the Jeep towed there instead. Anyway, Mark had taken my car to work, so that meant that Q had to drive me to the garage to get my car back because Mark was going to be driving the Jeep. Convoy! Convoy driving through the equivalent of pea soup at times, too. Heavy, heavy fog at some points. I was glad to finally pull into the driveway.

Tomorrow I'm off bright and early to get some more blood work done. I have become a pin cushion. Later in the afternoon I'm going into Kitchener and getting that verdammte EMG procedure. From what I've been reading, the less feeling that you have, the less painful the test, which makes a lot of sense. So I'm hoping I'm not going to be feeling that much :) Then I have an appointment immediately following that with Dr. Mendonca, the geeky neurologist. I'm nervous about what the tests will show. I mean I want them to show something; there has to be a reason for all of this muscle weakness. I'm just nervous (oh, OK - scared) about what that might turn out to be. Honestly? I'm still not convinced that I don't have multiple sclerosis as well as lupus. Eh. Tomorrow should tell the tale, as they say.

In the meantime the fabulous Tim Gunn is on my TV screen. It's the two hour finale of Project Runway. I know you guys in the States saw this weeks ago, but we're finally there. I know who wins already, but I love looking at the designs and listening to Tim's criticisms. He's a master at giving constructive criticism and still leaving the designers knowing that the decision is theirs. Plus he's adorable and so damn well dressed.
Winter came back. No snow, thankfully, although it was forecast, but it was very, very cold and windy. Dar was out in it for most of the day checking on Satine and seeing to the other critters. I was on my butt except for some puttering and the usual cat wrangling.

I seem to have developed a post lumbar headache. I'd read that it can show up several days after the procedure, so I'm assuming that's what it is. It's not as bad tonight as it was last night, so I'm going with the optimistic theory that it's fading away. See? The juxtaposition of the words "I" and "optimistic" did not actually make my screen explode. That was just a myth spread by someone.

Tomorrow is cat snip day. There will be rejoicing in the land. At least on Sideroad 15. Jane finally came out of heat this afternoon, but now Chloe is full-on crazy. One hormonal kitty at a time, that's our new motto. It would probably sound wicked cool in Latin,and I'll have to look it up. Someday.

Mark's Jeep crapped out on him on the way back from dropping [livejournal.com profile] sffan in Toronto, which was thoughtful of it. At least he wasn't stranded on the side of the dreaded 401. Nasty highway. So after a few phone calls back and forth, he arranged to get it towed to the dealership where he just recently brought it in for its scheduled maintenance. You know, two weeks later it shouldn't be spewing steam from under the hood and having the battery light glowing like the damn Jeep was at DefCon 4. Anyway, I drove out to Waterloo and met him at the dealership to give him a ride back home. I haven't driven at night since last summer, so it was kind of interesting. My night vision sucks, but it's passable on main roads where there are white lines both on the breakdown lanes and the center strip. City driving isn't that bad except for my diminished depth perception once the sun goes down. I just have to be extra cautions. If the weather is spitting any kind of precipitation, then all bets are off. Luckily it didn't start raining until we were on our way back, and by then Mark and his perfect vision were in charge of driving.

On my way down to get him, though, I passed a (flock? herd? meandering?) of Old Church Mennonite women walking along the breakdown lane right off the main and busily traveled road. They were dressed head to toe is pure, matte black. I didn't see them until I was right on top of them. I wasn't in any danger of hitting them, but really any car could have bowled them down without realizing they were there until it was too late. Ladies! Get some reflective tape for your capes or your shoes, OK?

I really need some rest. The headaches kept waking me up last night, and I wasn't able to catch up on any sleep today. Tomorrow looks to be busy again. Rest would be good. Let's see what I can do about that.

Wish Janie luck with her operation tomorrow, please. We haven't been having the best of luck recently, so good vibes are welcome. I mean, who wouldn't want to keep this sweet face around for many years to come?
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Jane thanks you and I thank you.

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