To top it off, we had a showing yesterday afternoon. It was lucky for us that we'd also had a showing on Friday night, so the house was mostly in order on Saturday morning anyway. We spent a lot of the day just sitting around in shock, but we managed to pull it together and get the place spiffed up in time for the prospective buyers. They were here for almost two hours and really only left when we finally gave up hanging around outside and told them we were going for ice cream so if they had any other questions to ask now. Then it turns out that they're not going to make an offer because on the drive home (to wherever they come from) they decided it was too far away. *head desk*

There's an offer coming in today from the showing on Friday night. Actually it was a second viewing as it turns out; they wanted to bring their kids so they could pick out their bedrooms. Uh, that's a pretty big presumption considering your agent let slip that you were going to lowball the offer. On a house that already had a conditional offer on it. What the fuck, people! If you looooove this house so much, then you'd fucking better be willing to pay for it.

Sorry. I'm more than a little cranky today.

We don't know what's up with Cinnamon Girl. That cria is crazy active inside her. I was out in the paddock with Dar yesterday early evening, and we could see a foot pressing up and out around her butt. I mean pushing out so far that the outline of the foot was crystal clear. Dar still thinks that the cria is positioned wrong and CG is trying to get it positioned correctly for birth. I don't know. I have a bad feeling about this one. I think we're going to end up having the vet help with this birthing. I just remember when Delilah gave birth to Ozzie and how harrowing that was. It took four of us - Q and me holding a screaming Delilah while Dar and the vet worked long and very hard to pull that baby out of her. I don't want any of us to have to go through that again. Ever, actually.

I just want to stop worrying about everything - cats, alpacas, immigration, health, transportation, money - but I don't know how. I'm truly not the type to crawl under the covers or drink/drug myself into a constant state of oblvion, but some happy medium would be appreciated.

I wish I were at Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, MA. It's beautiful always but especially in the autumn and very peaceful, and there's always shady spots where I could walk or sit and think. I miss walking so very much; it was a form of healing for me. Of everything that lupus has taken from me, that's one of the worst losses. I have to come up with a substitute.

And this turned out to be quite a different post that I'd intended :) Plans for this afternoon are dealing with the new offer on the house and getting in a lot of shopping for necessaries. Mark starts his new job in Toronto on Thursday, and that's a bit far to run him into work so I can borrow the car for the day. Hence, trying to think ahead of what we need for the week.

Never a dull moment.
A few pics of Echo just because she's so cute. )

We have a showing tonight at 7PM and another tomorrow at 4PM, so it's time to start fluffing. Cinnamon Girl shows no interest in delivering her cria today, which is kind of understandable since it's cloudy, windy, and cool. Tomorrow will be a better day, CG; I agree.
1. We accepted another conditional offer on the house. The first couple to sell their house or get bridge financing wins. I hope it's the Mennonites.

2. The realtors we've been dealing with are bozos. The guy is a sexist who doesn't like dealing with our realtor Sue. He's also an observant Mennonite who doesn't work on Sundays and is apparently relying on Divine intervention because he sure as hell is not marketing his clients' property to sell. The woman is a loon. Flat out batshit crazy and more than a bit shady. Among the many clauses she added to her clients' contract were things like a house inspection (fine by us), but then in addition a multifaceted inspection and testing of the wood fireplace, four water tests - three of them to be taken by them randomly so we can't cheat, a new water flow rate test complete with video of the well at different depths (that test runs $700), an inspection of the geothermal unit, clean out the septic tank (it was recently done and can't be done more frequently), plus other nonsensical, intrusive, and expensive tests and inspections. The best one, though, was she wanted us to sign a clause that states that from the signing date and on into perpetuity we would be liable for any harmful chemicals found in the soil. So if 20 years from now a new technology turned up trace evidences of methane from a pig farm that was here a hundred years ago, we'd be sued. Our realtor threw a fit over that one, as did we.

We crossed off most of the tests and inspections as well as that ridiculous environmental clause - which she lifted from some site in the US because it specifically references EPA regs. Canada doesn't have an EPA. And then in the fine print she tried to gyp our realtor out of her rightful portion of the fees. Sue saw it in time and corrected it. Clueless and mendacious. Even her clients no longer trust her. Bad business all around, but it's done. And they're taking our (my) lawn tractor. I thought I was OK about it, but I find that it really does bother me. Not that we can do anything about it now.

3. Dar cut my hair yesterday. It's short and cut straight across a little bit above chin length. I think it looks cute.

4. Remember me saying that Dar and I had worked to save Hannibal's boy cria, Heineken? We got word today that he was dying. Before we could have gotten there, he died. Only six weeks old and so very, very sweet. It's not the fact of his death that weighs on me but the manner of his dying. He was in a lot of pain. They didn't want to get a vet because it's not in their business plan to get vets in to work on boys. Only girls. I would have wanted him euthanized to save him the distress. Not that we can do anything about it now. And that would seem to be the theme for today - we can't do anything about it.

5. Both Conchita and Cinnamon Girl are showing signs of imminent birth. Maybe tomorrow we'll have a new cria (or two) of our own, and I pray that it goes smoothly and they're all healthy.
1. We have another offer coming in on the house, most probably tomorrow. This is from the couple who spent nearly two hours here earlier this week. It's going to be a firm offer (as opposed to the conditional one already on the table), so this could be it, guys.

2. One of the Canadian channels rebroadcast the pilot for Glee tonight. I love it! It's definitely on my must see list for this year.

3. Dar and I have been trying to save one of Hannibal's crias at our friends' farm. Well, it's really Dar. I mostly drive, hand her stuff, and keep an eye on the cria while she's busy. The poor thing is six weeks old and weighs less now than when he was born. Turns out he has a partial cleft palate, and that's why he hasn't been able to nurse. Worse than that, because he was so weak he wasn't able to to escape the flies that torment him. They laid hundred of eggs that have hatched into maggots that are literally eating him alive. Were eating him alive. We got to him in time (they just started hatching.) He was doing better today, and hopefully he will continue. He's a beautiful little boy, and he's a hell of a fighter.

4. My sinus infection is finally starting to recede. Headaches are less frequent the past few days. The fatigue is still a big issue, but I'm getting more time where I'm up and active lately, so that's good.

5. Still no visa. I'm at the point where I cry every day because I'm so frustrated. If the office were in Ontario, I swear I'd just camp out there until they fucking resolved this mess.

6. I'm not one to dream about celebrities, but lately I've been doing just that. A few nights ago I had a very funny dream involving me, Don Cheadle, and Peter Boyle hanging out in a cafeteria just goofing around. Last night it was the actress who plays Jessica on True Blood; she was helping me find my way back to my apartment. (I have a common theme of not being able to find my way home. Paging Dr. Freud!)

7. And speaking of dreaming, I need to harden my heart against the adorable sleeping kitties who are surrounding me here, shoo them out of my room, and get to bed. I have to finish mowing the lawn tomorrow and do the back paddock areas (I had to give it up tonight because I got hit with the fatigue stick again.) And I think we're going back to check on Hanni's baby boy. Plus . . . who knows what else tomorrow will bring?
Let's start this with a big ol' Happy Birthday to [ profile] vchrusch! Hope you had a lovely day, Phil! Are still having one, in fact, since you're three two hours behind us. (Thanks, Tobes *g*) Yay!

We had another showing tonight. Things needed a more intense freshening-up, so it was a day filled with cleaning. We're all pooped. The prospective buyers spent an hour, which seems to be the minimum time people spend looking the place over. They were kind of hard to read, so there's no real sense that we'll be going four for four (four viewings, four offers).

I'm saddened by Ted Kennedy's passing. I certainly had some issues with him and his personal life - Chappaquiddick, getting his nephew off from rape charges - but he was a damn fine senator and a hell of a liberal. The phrase noblesse oblige always brought him first to my mind. He was born into privilege, but he accepted that as a responsibility as well as a blessing. I hope that his death galvanizes the Dems - most pointedly Obama - to finally pull their heads out of their asses and push through the health care reforms that Kennedy pursued throughout his political life and which we as a nation so greatly need.
1. We have another showing tomorrow night. A few days ago there was a rather snazzy red car that made a few drive-bys and then stopped dead in the road in front of the house for a few minutes. I figure it's the driver of said snazzy red car. Also yesterday that older Mennonite farmer rang the doorbell again to see if the house had been sold yet. Apparently it's the Mennonite way (among the older orders) to watch for houses to that aren't sold before their listing contract ends; when they see the listing drop off the radar and the For Sale sign come down, they swoop in and make their own deal without having to go through realtors. Clever. But it's not going to work with us, because we have three offers so far.

2. I got in to see my doctor on short notice today because I believe I have a sinus infection. Dar concurs. Unfortunately my doctor disagreed. First I had to wait for 90 minutes because she was on call for the ER at the small hospital where the clinic was held today, and then we butted heads for about another 10 minutes about giving me antibiotics. Look, I get that they can be over-prescribed. I'm very careful about not using antibacterial soaps and creams and such. But in this case - being on an immunosuppressant that retards my body's ability to fight infection - I'm willing to take the chance. Not my doctor, though. So she gave me a steroid nasal spray and told me to give it about 10 days to work. Dar was fit to be tied. We'll both be keeping a close eye on this just in case.

3. Ozzie, our youngest alpaca, apparently got himself a pet. There's a little frog that got into one of the wading pools we have out for the herd, and Dar said Ozzie is simply beside himself with delight to have a little splashy playmate. He'll dip his nose in and then leap with joy when the frog jumps around. How cute is that?

4. I spend a lot of time reading up on the insanity going on back home with the hate and the fear and the threats and the mob mentality. I want to get into it here, but I just can't because I won't be able to stop ranting. Maybe in a few days but not now.
We have had two offers on the house and accepted the one that met our price, but it's conditional on the buyers selling their current house. In the meantime, there's a young man who is dying DYING dying to come see the place. He's done a number of drive-bys and saw the video. He was supposed to come to a viewing last night, but he had to cancel because . . . he's getting married on Saturday and the bride-to-be was not amused that he wanted to buy a house right now. So they'll be back when they're home from their honeymoon next week. So who knows? If he gives us a higher offer with no conditions, he could be the new owner.

And nowa cautionary tale. Sort of. My health has been going steadily downhill over the past week. I've had what I call Killer Fatigue for many days now, and it has just been getting progressively worse. Walking has been difficult simply because it requires so much effort. There are other symptoms as well, but the fatigue is the big bad in this story. I couldn't figure it out. Yes, I've been in the sun helping with the alpacas and driving around on errands, but I've been in the sun for longer than that before and never had this kind of snowballing effect. I was trying to figure out what had changed, and the only thing I could come up with is that it's now tomato season. My wonderful, tasty field tomatoes. I had one big tomato a day, and looking back over my symptom journal I saw that it coincided with the worsening fatigue and peripheral neuropathy. I did some searching online and sure enough - there's anecdotal evidence that members of the nightshade family (white potatoes, tomatoes, and eggplant) cause flares in some people with lupus. And while the lupus doctors can't come out and say that it's positively cause and effect, they've seen enough to tell their patients to cut out the offending food if they think there's a strong connection. So now there's a bag of big, juicy tomatoes sitting there. Staring at me. There is no way I'm taking the bait. I just want to start feeling better, thanks.

True Blood is blowing me away. I'm loving this season! Dar is the biggest fang-grrrl on the planet, I swear. We've seen last Sunday's ep three times so far :) I can't say that I mind, because that was one hell of an ep. I follow a TB icon community, and it just about exploded after that episode. Heh. I know everyone is all gahgah over ASkars, but you know, I don't think he's all that gahgah worthy just as his regular old self. Now his characters on the other hand :) I loved Brad in Generation Kill and I adore Eric in True Blood. It's the Nathan Fillion syndrome: I thought I had a thing for NF - turned out it was just Malcolm Reynolds who was floating my boat.

And speaking of hot (heh), I think our heat wave is on its way out. At last! Both Dar and I get dragged down by the heat and especially the humidity. I hear that there's cooler weather out west, and I hope that it heads our way soon. I have several friends who enjoy sweating (really!), but I can't wait to stop with the schwitzing.

Speaking of which, I have to go sit in front of my fan. Here Have a blood daisy )
The video tour.

Chloe was hanging out on my bed when the video guy went in; I'm surprised that she didn't wave or flash or something. Nothing shy about that kitty.

Dar thinks the narrator has a weird accent, but Mark and I think he just sounds Canadian. Also, he artfully did not show the unfinished divider between the guest room and Maddie's room downstairs. I believe that people who have seen the video will show up and give a big "WTF!" when they see that. I'd rather be upfront about all of that. Although I think he covers his ass on that point in the narration (for which we did not get an advanced copy for approval.)

Anyway . . . here it is.
We just heard that the couple who came to look at the house are going to put an offer in this weekend. The Mennonites are still waiting for one piece of info from us before they make an offer, but it rests on getting some paperwork from Hydro One (the local electric company) about the new meter that they installed. So they may be making a counter offer once they get that.

As Dar said, we haven't really advertised this place yet! It went onto the MLS listing, but it hasn't been in any newspapers or up on the realtor site yet. Oh, speaking of which, the video went up this morning. Aaaand I can't find the url, sorry. I'll post it when I figure out where it is.

Hey, RealtorSue just called, and someone else wants to come see the house tomorrow night! This is so weird.
1. We had another showing tonight. This time it was a city couple looking for a country property. They'd looked at other places on our road over the past few months, too. They stayed for an hour, came out to the barn, took a walk up to the Jester's shed, asked a lot of questions. Who knows?

2. It was incredibly humid here this morning. I mean like the air was almost dripping. While I was out doing the animal chores I was sweating like something out of a bad comedy. The sweat was rolling off me and into the alpacas' water buckets as I was filling them. (Mmmm. Salt.) My pants legs had come out of my boot tops, too, and were covered in mud and water almost up to my knees.

3. While walking back to the house, I noticed a black Mennonite van slowing down as it drove by our place. "Ah, the guys from last night," I thought. I waved. I kicked my boots off outside, stepped inside, closed the door (which has floor to ceiling windows on either side) and started to take off my pants so I wouldn't drag mud all over the place. I'm halfway out of them when I hear Dar calling out "They're back. They're getting out of the car." Fuuuuuuuck. So I run up the stairs - one pant leg on and one off. Hi, Mr. Mennonite man!

4. Turns out it was a complete stranger. Another Mennonite farmer who noticed the For Sale sign and wanted to ask some questions. Dar fielded the questions while I finished stripping in my bedroom. I think we're now on some sort of Mennonite grapevine.

5. Our mailbox failed its postal inspection. Remember that time it got hit? No, not that time - the other time. No, not that one, either. The other time. No. The OTHER other time. That lady slammed into it while turning around in our driveway? Yeah. She knocked the whole thing off kilter (it's a post sunk into a buttload of cement in a big tub), so it's kind of tilted. Well, the postal box inspector decrees that we must straighten the post. Ummm . . . no. I think all we have to do is put something under the tub so that the whole structure stands straighter. Can you believe this?

6. I'm feeling my age today, guys. Plus about fifteen years.

7. OK, you guys with laptops - how long does your battery last? I'm getting about 4 hours before it drains. Is that bad?
So they came brandishing tape measures, and they stayed almost two hours this time. At 90 minutes we gave up circling around the area and just pulled into the driveway. The guys were outside measuring the outside garage wall(!); they said the women were inside assigning bedrooms and moving all the furniture around in their minds. They also wanted to know where would be a good place to install the canning room.

I don't think I'm being overly optimistic in thinking that they're going to make an offer.

And one of the guys wanted to know what it would take to get into the alpaca business.

We're all too tired to get too excited, and we've seen "sure things" blow up in front of our eyes before, but it's looking good.
That young Mennonite couple is coming back for a second viewing, and they're bringing all of their in-laws. We should have a small army trooping the place around 7:30 tonight. Hoping that the violent thunderstorms will wait until after everyone has left before they strike.

There's another couple coming to view the place tomorrow night, too. Realtor Sue says that if the Mennonite couple want to put in an offer, she'll hold them off until after the second couple sees the place. Drive up interest and the price. Or, you know, scare them off. I am not cut out for real estate.

This good news is mitigated by the fact that it's freakin' hot and humid out there. Both Dar and I are feeling it today - not to mention that we're both feeling sick aside from that. Some sort of intestinal thing. So getting the place in viewing condition has been a joy, let me tell you. Fortunately there wasn't all that much to do. I still have a little bit on my list, but I'm taking a break.

Aaaand break is over.

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