Dar, who is my resident flower expert, said they are grape hyacinths: a variant that grows singly rather than bunched on a stalk.

I don't know about you, but I'll be sleeping better tonight.

It went down to below freezing last night for the first time in many weeks. I wore my flannel Tweety jammies and everything. We even had a snow flurry earlier. Now see, a compromise between this and last week's summery temps would be ideal, don't you think?

Also? I am in serious need of an icon overhaul. I lost literally thousands of icons when my hard drive crashed last year; all I had left were the icons loaded into LJ. I've been slowly rebuilding my stock, but there are still miles to go, as the poet said.

Iris rain_0595, originally uploaded by maystone1.

It's probably only me, but this iris is reminiscent of a squid. I think it's all the contours. I like this pic because of all of the textures.

Three different things. )

Iris_0463, originally uploaded by maystone1.

The irises are starting to bloom! This is the only one fully out, but the others will pop by this weekend.

Daffodils_0924, originally uploaded by maystone1.

In our yard! At last!

Dar had a doctor's appointment yesterday. While she was sitting among the crying, coughing children in the waiting room, I took a short walk to the nature reserve right behind the doctors' offices. It was windy and heading towards dusk.

Birds of a feather )
Spring is slowly making an appearance )

Ever so slowly, I might add. No trees sprouting leaves. No mad bursts of color in people's gardens. Just the occasional blooms here and there. And the incessant gray skies. The usual Spring.
We finally had a proper summer day, and if the weather could stay like this, I would be most grateful. A deep blue sky with a few small puffy clouds, a lovely breeze and temps in the mid-70s made it just about perfect. I spent a lot of timwe out in it, too, which is already coming back to bite me in the ass, but it was worth it.

I drove Dar to her doctor's appointment in the small town of Mitchell, about 45 minutes southwest of us. I love Mitchell. LOVE. I wish we could find a place there when we finally move. While Dar met with her doctor, I took off to find a gas station and ended up in one of the local parks/wild life areas that runs along the Thames River. I haven't been in a proper park in ages, and I didn't realize how much I've missed it until I started walking along the tree-lined banks of the river. It revived me. I need to do that more often. Somehow.

We came home in time to break up another fight between Hannibal and Adama. It's starting to worry me, because Hannibal is completely fixated on poor, sweet, dumb Adama. We thought that maybe one of the females was open, and that was causing Hannie to get his macho on, but Dar put all the possible combinations in with Hannibal and everyone just ignored each other. So . . . no open female. Dar had a good point that maybe it's Gertie's or Conchita's hormone levels changing drastically because they're so pregnant. Hopefully that's the case and the levels will ease up so Hannibal can stop his stalking and scheming.

I got a look at Gertie's very active cria today. That baby is treating her poor mom like her own personal trampoline. Gertie's belly was bouncing up and down. Poor thing. We're hoping that she gives birth sooner rather than later for everyone's sake.

I've been taking pictures, but I haven't been loading them off of my camera because I still don't have my laptop back. I finally just put them on my old Mac this evening. Good FSM, this computer is slow. I can't wait to get my laptop back. Still haven't heard back from the repair guys, so I'll call them tomorrow to bug them about it.

In the meantime, a few photos. Cats, crias, and a tiger of a different stripe. )

Me for bed.
Tulip close_0654

I apologize for posting the seemingly same photo over and over, but I finally got the shot I wanted. This was taken at dusk with a flash and a lens hood.
It was not a dark and stormy night, but it was a grey and cloudy day. I decided to take some pics anyway.

I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille. )

I'm at the tail end of a lupus flare. Or at least I think, I hope, that it's the tail end. Monday I was all over the place being a busy little faux-Canadian beaver, including mowing all of the lawns in one day. I wore a ton of a sunscreen, but since I was out there during the Forbidden Time (10AM-4PM), I believe that I got myself zapped by the UV/UB rays anyway. Tuesday was pretty much lost; Wednesday was a bit better, but I had to sleep a lot. I'm still very tired, but my joints and muscles are OK, so that's a plus. Hopefully I can stay awake now that I'm up.

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