Three unrelated things:

Chloe sleep nose_0661
Chloe's sleepy nose! I love when cats sleep like that.

Bare trees_0664
This was taken this morning. We had a non-existent autumn.

Bus station_0660
Tent building that is the bus station where Mark grabs the bus
for Toronto every morning. And this is morning.

I need to sleep, guys. I have to get up in four hours. Sleep, damn it to heckula.
We hung around the barn and the back yard while the people were viewing the house. I brought my camera with me, which means four-legged-critter pics )
The video tour.

Chloe was hanging out on my bed when the video guy went in; I'm surprised that she didn't wave or flash or something. Nothing shy about that kitty.

Dar thinks the narrator has a weird accent, but Mark and I think he just sounds Canadian. Also, he artfully did not show the unfinished divider between the guest room and Maddie's room downstairs. I believe that people who have seen the video will show up and give a big "WTF!" when they see that. I'd rather be upfront about all of that. Although I think he covers his ass on that point in the narration (for which we did not get an advanced copy for approval.)

Anyway . . . here it is.
Lexy got herself up a tree. I'm pretty sure she can get down again (it's not that tall), but I'm keeping an eye on her. And little round Chloe fast asleep.

Because my vision is off today, y'all get the big prints )
1. Battlestar Galactica!!!! Only three more episodes. I can barely stand the thought. I shall probably take to sackcloth and ashes after the final ep.

2. I think you should check out one of my favorite sites: Advanced Style. It's photos taken around Manhattan (mostly) of stylish or quirky/stylish people aged say 60 and up. It's updated a couple times a week, so it's not like it's a time grabber or anything. I love the photos; I love the people being photographed. Back in the day when I had a wardrobe that wasn't just jeans and work pants, I'd like to think that someone would have taken my picture if I were walking down a street in Manhattan just because they liked the cut of my jib.

3. Everyone here is having a wonky health day. The barometric pressure took a nose dive this afternoon, and that set off all sorts of ickiness. We are such delicate petals, apparently. Seriously, that sort of thing is just very detrimental to people with Chiari ([ profile] darlong and [ profile] longshadowsfall) and to me and my general health weirdness.

4. Chloe the kitty is wicked adorable. She's so round and silky and so very, very certain of the fact that every thing in the world - animate and inanimate - worships her. When one of the other cats takes a swipe at her, her reaction is first utter surprise and then loving reproach. "Me? You swiped at me? You feel terrible about it now, don't you? It's all right. I forgive you." And then she'll stick her butt in their face and purr. You really do have to love her.

5. I never did make it to any of the group therapy sessions for anxiety/depression. I was scheduled to meet up with the group this past Wednesday, but once again the car thing didn't work out. I called and formally withdrew and thanked them for their patience. I'll try it again when the next group sessions start. Or who knows - maybe I will have found my own solution by then. Hope springs eternal and all that.

6. One of the Canadian stations showed a repeat of Dollhouse last night. I feel like a traitor, but I really didn't like it. It was the episode with the hunter, so I have a feeling that it's really just that particular plot that I disliked. I'll give it another chance. Is Mark Shephard a regular? Badger! He's showing up all over the place, isn't he? Good for him!

7. Now to wake up Chloe, Kitty Goddess and shag her out of my room so I can go to bed.

Chloe candles_0198, originally uploaded by maystone1.

Chloe cuddles up next to the candles during our power outage.

chloe_0926, originally uploaded by maystone1.

She's not much of a morning cat.

Chloe had her surgery today, and she's doing well. The doctor did a spay job and also removed a hernia in her stomach. I had been worried that she was going to find a tumor because during the last exam she said that Chloe's stomach was so hard that it was difficult to palpate the other organs in the area. Well, there was no tumor, but apparently there was a lot of fat. Sigh. She's just gonna be a big cat, I guess. At least she's healthy :)

Both Chloe and Jane are in my room for the night. They normally sleep in the guest room, but since we have an actual guest (everyone wave to [ profile] cajoje!), we needed to find another safe place for them to sleep while Little Cat gets out to roam around the house. We sometimes put them in the laundry room overnight, and they don't mind it, but Chloe just had surgery, and everything that she can sleep on is a high jump for her . . . so they're both here on my bed. I don't anticipate getting loads of sleep, but I don't think I'd have had much even if they weren't here. I'm very warm, almost clammy, and I've had wicked bouts of nausea all day. It's just going to be one of those nights, I think. I might as well have some kittens to pass the time with.

Well, they're both snoozing, so I should try to join them. We wish you all a good night.
Sunday was bad as Saturday was good. I paid big time for my fun in the sun. Today was somewhat better, but I was fighting killer fatigue all day, and occasionally it did manage to knock me over. In between, though, I did my daily run to the grocery store (it's become a running joke with Dar and me), and then later Q drove Jane and me to Jane's vet appt. to get her stitches removed. She came through with flying colors, the doctors adored her (but of course) and pronounced her a fully healthy kitty. Yay!

Tomorrow is Chloe's turn to go under the knife. I had no qualms about Jane's surgery, but I'm worried about little Chloe kitty. She was born with a stomach hernia, and that's going to be removed along with everything else that they need to take. But when Piera gave her her exam last month, she kept exclaiming about how hard Chloe's stomach was, how it was impossible to get a good feel for her internal organs. I'm worried that she has a big tumor or an obstruction or some alien seed pollinating in there. Chloe :( Good thoughts for the baby girl, please.

Tomorrow also brings the arrival of [ profile] cajoje. Tobes in the house! I think Q is picking her up at the airport, so I can pick up Chloe from her surgery in the afternoon.

I didn't make it out to see the alpacas at all today, but I hear that Satine still has her legs crossed and her vagina cemented shut. Satine, honey - time is getting short. Just push, OK? Dar spends all of her day out there with them now that the weather has turned more tolerable. The high winds that we've been having, although wreaking havoc with the nerves on my face, have been great for drying up the mud that is everywhere on our property. I can't wait to take another walk all the way out back and see how the far fields came through the winter. But mostly I want to clean out under the deck and make it kitten homey and comfy for Chloe and Jane. They'll have to wait a bit for Chloe's stitches to heal, but they're making daily forays outside now. I want to everything ready for them for next week when they become permanent outdoor cats. I'm missing them already.

I need to get some sleep. Chloe goes into the vet at 8:30AM, and I think it's going to be a busy day all around tomorrow. I hope y'all are having a good evening.
Chloe blue pillow_0359
Chloe doing what she does best: sleeping.

Chloe and the elusive Lexy )

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