While the State-siders are munching on various delicious foods with family and friends, it's just another Thursday up here in Canada. And a cold, gray, damp, windy Thursday at that. I've been out shoveling wagon-loads of alpaca poo while being supervised very closely by the younger crowd: "Whatcha doin'? Where you goin' with that shovel? What's in the wagon? Can we eat this?" ("This" referring to the hay that gets caught up in the shoveling, and, no, you can't eat it.) Then it was time to take part in the major production that is moving a 700-lb bale of hay into the girls' barn. Deb uses her skidsteer to lift and move it, but a lot of stuff has to get moved out of the way to give her room to maneuver. We pen the girls and babies on the other side of the barn while this is going on, and they're surprisingly calm about the whole thing, contentedly nomming away at their side of the manger while this noisy machine clanks around, spewing diesel fumes.

We're on a break before we head back outside to finish the rest of the chores for the day. Veggie pizza is in the oven. That's the closest we're coming to pie today :) Also, I thought I'd finish posting the rest of the menagerie at that little farm I've been posting about. So far there have been pics of llamas, alpacas, goats, pigs, chickens, roosters, cats, and a dog. Let's bring on cattle and (a different) chick and ducks. Oh, my. )

Barn cat on back_0104, originally uploaded by maystone1.

She's a charmer but also shy around people. Loves the other animals, though.

More barn cat. What can I say? She's adorable. )

Delilah Samson_0087, originally uploaded by maystone1.

This is Delilah and her baby boy, Samson. These are the llamas that Dar wrote about in her LJ - the ones who led to all of that adventure. We went to check up on the baby last Sunday. As you can see, mom and baby are both doing very well.

Llama mama, baby, and daddy, too. )

Samson_0018, originally uploaded by maystone1.

Who's a pretty boy?

Samson is. That's who. )

Rocky_0901, originally uploaded by maystone1.

Rocky wishes you all a Happy Halloween.

Alpacas Dar_0795, originally uploaded by maystone1.

It looks as if the alpacas are checking out Dar's butt, but they're really trying to figure out what she's going to do. The one on the left is the alpaca who was sick (he's all better now.) The one on the right is supposedly blind, but he was very curious about my camera case there on the grass. Not blind at all.

As I said, this place is a mini zoo. Half of the animals were moved to a pasture farther down the road (the goats were bugging the hell out of the llamas), so I didn't get to take any pics of them. These people love their animals, but they're not all that keen on naming them. The donkey's name is . . . Donkey. When we asked where Donkey was, the owner replied, "Oh, he's down in the pasture with Horse." Hee.

Cats, dogs, chickens, roosters, goats, and pigs. Oh, my. )
Barn cat white_0785

Dar and I made a house call to a near-by farm that had a sick alpaca. We love going to this place, because the owners love animals and they have what amounts to a mini zoo. This sweet little thing should be about four or five months old now. I have plenty more pics (alpacas, goats(!), pigs, barn cats, chickens, a very psychedelic rooster, and Spot the dog), but I'll to have upload them tomorrow.

Pix face close_0783, originally uploaded by maystone1.

My pretty girl. Asleep again. Still.

But she still looks goofy as hell at times )

It's a good thing that she doesn't realize that I post these. I'd be in biiiiiig trouble.
Mushrooms barn_0747

These were solid white when I first spied them just past sunrise. By the time I got to take this picture in the late afternoon, they had blackened. Pretty fragile, I guess.

Pixel Side_0728, originally uploaded by maystone1.

She sleeps the sleep of the not-so-innocent.

While she was sleeping. )

Silhouette_0720, originally uploaded by maystone1.

The setting sun cast the shadow of our truck and trailer against a corn field as we traveled home from the fair.

All_0685, originally uploaded by maystone1.

Rovings are an interim step between raw fleece and yarn. Hand-spinners use rovings to spin their own yarn. You can also use rovings to knit or crochet with.

Come see the pretty colors. )

FYI, these all started out as a peachy salmon color. In fact, they're the rovings that Pixel was lounging around on in that pic of her I posted a few days ago. Dar can do wonderful things with hot water, powdered dyes, and vinegar :)

Pix rovings_0655, originally uploaded by maystone1.

Pixel knocked over a bowl of alpaca rovings ready to be weighed.

Upstairs Cats, Downstairs Cats )

Cria butt_0203, originally uploaded by maystone1.

It is as soft and fluffy as it looks.

They're growing so fast. )

Ezra and Harley_0134, originally uploaded by maystone1.

Ezra (left) is a week old; Harley (right) is two days old.

Cria madness! )

Baby girl_0033, originally uploaded by maystone1.

The first baby born this season, and the first for us in this color. We're thinking of calling her Buffy.

Cria pic spam! )

She had a rough start. Dar found Satine trying to give birth, but all that was showing was one of the baby's legs. We don't know how long she was stuck like that, but Dar pushed her back in, and the birth continued as it should. The baby is low on stamina, though, and she hasn't figured out the nursing thing yet. She's close, she nibbles around the teats, but she hasn't latched on yet. Good thoughts, please, guys.

Face paws_0980, originally uploaded by maystone1.

Pixel )

It's been raining, cold, and windy, so not much of an opportunity for outdoor pics. Pixel is always my go-to girl :)

Girls run in, originally uploaded by maystone1.

We let the moms and babies into one of the pastures for the first time in six months. Do you get the feeling that they were excited to get on grass again?

They were so patient. And . . . spring! )

I took some very short movies of the alpacas when they first got into the pasture, but they're not very good because I wasn't sure that the camera was even running. Eh, I may post one anyway later. Right now I need to rest. Hell of a couple days, guys. And many chores ahead of us in a few hours.

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