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Ganked from [livejournal.com profile] sffan.

A - Age: 64
B - Birthday: May
C - Crush: Captain America, Black Widow
D - Do you dance?: Oh, yes.
E - Easiest person to talk to: Myself (Seriously, I talk to myself a lot.)
F - Favourite colour(s): gray, red, lavender
G - Glitter or neon: Neon - blue, red, and purple
H - Hair colour: Ash brown with gray
I - Ice Cream: I stick to frozen yogurt these days, but yes. Love it.
J - Job: Cat wrangler, alpaca products purveyor
K - Kickboxing or Karate: Kickboxing, although either is laughable
L - Los Angeles is: someplace I've never wanted to visit
M - Movie: Well, I just cried at my 112th viewing of Field of Dreams, so that one. Today.
N - Number of Siblings: One younger brother
O - One Phobia: Drowning. Although that's more of a reasonable fear than a phobia.
P - Part of your personality?: Curiosity
Q – Quote: “Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof." Followed closely by "The day ain't fucking over yet."
R - Reason to smile: My cats never fail to deliver.
S - Season: Fall. I love everything about it.
T - Time for bed: Anywhere between 10PM and midnight. On nights before I work at the market: 8:30PM
U - U love someone?: Yes. Yes, I do.
V - Vegetable you hate: Loose leaf lettuce of any variety.
W - Worst Habits: Non sequiturs. Drives Dar crazy.
Y - Year you were born: 1949
Z - Zoo Animal: Meerkats
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