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I stumbled across this earlier today; I think it was in a companion article to the GoT review in The Atlantic. This is so exciting, and it's killing me not to be able to talk with anyone about it! It's conjecture, of course, but it's also spoilery as hell if you haven't read the books. It's about Talisa, Robb Stark's wife and queen. The author of this theory has made a six minute video to underscore his theory, and it's kind of brilliant. The video and my reaction are going behind cut tags.

His theory is that Talise is a Lannister spy. Yeah, yeah - I raised my eyebrows when I first read that, too. But his video convinced me. You have to watch this.

It fits, doesn't it? What gives it even more credit for me is the fact this is a tightly written show. It has to be. There is a huge amount of information that has to be translated from the very long books into just ten hours of screen time per season. That doesn't leave much room for throw-away scenes or extraneous character nattering. I think the video underscores that point very well. OK, I'm not completely convinced about the Roose Bolton connection, but that's a minor piece overall.

I'm not sure what this means for the truth of Talisa's claim that she's pregnant. If she really is a Lannister spy, then it would be dangerous for her to be carrying the rightful heir to the throne in the North. But if she isn't pregnant, what benefit is there in telling Robb that she is? Maybe to seal his love for her. Or maybe as an excuse to miss the Red Wedding: morning sickness makes it too hard to travel.

You know, I'm really going to be disappointed if this doesn't come to pass. I think that makes me a sick person. I blame GRRM.

So what do you think?
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